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Development of CHKAWAI

Stage of Probe Strategy (1990-1997)
We applied more developed dehumidifiers from Proton Electrical Industrial Company, a Taiwan enterprise, and had technical cooperation with Proton. We gradually localized the dehumidifiers and carried through technical innovation to make them more suitable to the environment in Mainland China. After our energetic grope and experience accumulation of enterprise management, we summarized a transplantable managing mode which laid a stable foundation on large-scale manufacture of dehumidifiers.

Stage of Brand Strategy (1997-2002)
We worked together with a Japanese company and applied their brand "CHKAWAI". In accordance with the professional and dedicated spirit, "CHKAWAI" turned into a localized brand in China step by step. CHWAWAI dehumidifiers were first spread in Canton, Shanghai, Beijing, etc. and became a popular brand in those regions. By our honesty and credit, CHWAWAI dehumidifiers substituted for other imported brands in quantity in those regions, and became one of the most influential brands in domestic dehumidifier industry.

Stage of Diversification Strategy (2002-2005)
As market growing, we built a manufacturing base in Dongzhou Industrial Park, Fuyang city, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The area will be 18,000 square meters after the whole workshop is finished, with yearly throughput of 300,000 units. Guaranteed by authentic hardware, our products developed from single model to over 20 models and 30 series, both residential and industrial dehumidifiers. Other relative products derived from dehumidifier also came out, such as water-made machine, humidifier, air clarifier, and portable air conditioner. Our products had acquired security authentications of several countries and regions.

Stage of Internationalization Strategy (2005-)
On the basis of an adult domestic market of our products, we started to develop oversea business. Now we have exported our dehumidifiers to over 20 countries in our own brand or by OEM. We sell our products to countries and regions all over the world. We are completing the ROHS Certificate and enlarging export volume worldwide by adopting Freon-free technology.